ASTARTE final meeting - Baleares

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ASTARTE final meeting took place in Mallorca, Baleares, on April 6-8. It was organized and hosted by our partner Universitat de Barcelona (UB). 

The meeting was a scientific workshop where all work packages showcased their progress and highlighted the most relevant contributions to tsunami science. 

Researchers from almost all partner institutions, including all partners outside Europe (NOAA, USC, University of Tokyo and PARI) participated in this meeting. We also had the participation of two of our external advisors, Christa von Hillebrandt-Andrade and Hitomi Murakami, and reviewer Alessandra Cavalletti, on behalf of Denis Peter, our officer in the EC. 

Besides the scientific oral presentations, there was also an exhibition of posters, that were informally discussed during coffee-breaks. 

On April 8, UB, together with colleagues from the University of the Balearic Islands, organized a field trip around the island to visit relevant sites with evidence of past tsunamis.  The field trip included a very nice lunch to taste the local cuisine, hosted by UB. 

Programme (including field trip guide)

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Field trip and lunch

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